Maiju’s Teapot 14/7/2017 Things I Learned Today…

Things I learned today
Are all such one can read from the bottom of a teacup.

That leaving chocolate chip biscuits on the stove will turn them heavenly.

That apples fall if you drop them but you should rather eat them.

That there is a well at the bottom of the teacup and that is where stories come from.

And that well is bottomless.

And you should never question tealeaves.

And you should always catch and eat apples.

And you should always, always leave chocolate chip biscuits on the stove.

Maiju and the Wonderfully Disgusting Truth About Popcorn 

I’m a sucker for salty. I love chocolate and muffins and some cake too. But if I want something that I’ll really enjoy in large quantities,  give me a pot and some popcorn and I’ll do magic.

This is my largest bowl. If used for salad, it would probably feed about eight people. When I make popcorn, it feeds only me.

I will give you my secret popcorn recipe but only because you didn’t ask and we’ll keep it just between us, the people on the internet.

Take a large metal pot and melt approximately 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Just as the oil is melted and covers the whole bottom of the pot, add some coconut butter (about 3/4 of tablespoon). This is specifically the stuff that includes coconut’s flesh and milk, not to be confused with coconut oil. I have not gone (coco)nuts and mentioned it twice. Let the coconut butter melt on top of the oil (it might stick to the pot otherwise) and give it a stir so it’s mixed evenly. 

Pour popcorn kernels over this and let it pop. If you’ve never made popcorn from kernels, it’s better to Google it first…

When the popcorn is done, pour it in a bowl while it’s still hot and sprinkle it alternately with salt (I use sea salt or Himalayan salt), cayenne pepper  (or other chilli powder) and powdered garlic. Shake the bowl, add more spices, shake again, add spices and then it’s ready.

This recipe has been the result of years of taxing experimentation. Occasionally I still make it, just to make sure it’s really as good as I thought. 

It is.