Maiju’s Teacup 20.1.2018 – First Snow


So, today’s assingnment from the writing journal was to write about the first snowfall somewhere. It specifically said it didn’t have to be a place where snow normally fell. Here’s what I came up with:


It really shouldn’t have come as a surprise. I knew the pipes in the flat were old and rusty and the heating was iffy at best. I stepped out of the steamy bathroom clad in a thick robe, woollen socks, slippers and a towel wrapped around my head. It had been getting colder and colder outside and the flat was getting chillier by the minute. The reason I had braved the shower was that my hair felt grimy and disgusting, and I had also gone skating earlier in the day. There was a small cupboard of a sauna next to the shower so I turned that on beforehand to get some warmth into the frosty bathroom floors. I was feeling warm and cozy and clean and comfortable, until the chilly air of the hall hit my bare legs. I had only a moment to shiver before I noticed a huge snowflake slowly descending from the ceiling in fron to of my eyes. Surely it must be a strip of dry paint or some kind of hallucination. Soon it was followed by a second snowflake, and then another. I caught one on the sleeve of my bathrobe and stepped under the lamp. In the pale LED-light the perfect ice crystal held it’s shape until it caught the warm breath of my gasp and melted into a drop of water again. In a few seconds it was replaced by another snowflake. I stared down the hall towards my kitchen. The cat was sitting at the livingroom door, watching this strange phenomenon a bit uneasily. A few flakes had landed near her paws and she stood up and started sniffing at the white stuff. It melted quickly when it met her warm nose. The cat arched her back, bristled her neck and tail and bolted towars the sofa in the living room. I didn’t blame her.

I took a few steps towards the kitchen, expecting to see a lamp-post loom any moment from the white walls. I really regretted my choice of attire if I ended up in Narnia. But I got to the kitchen without mishap. I could see the snow outside, and when I turned, the hall floor was still covered with snowflakes, but I could still see the patterns of the plastic carpet through the frosty flakes. I ran to the bedroom to grab my phone. The snow would be gone in a moment and I really needed some proof of this. If for nothing else than to show it to my landlady. When I returned to the hallway door, the snow was gone. The heat from the sauna had finally descended low enough to warm the floor. The only proof was the spooked cat and some droplets of water on the hallway floor.


Mind you. My flat is pretty chilly. Like, really chilly. It’s been under -10C out for about a week now and the indoors temperature keeps to 15-17C when it’s cold out. The subject matter hit very close to home.


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