Maiju’s Teacup 4.1.2018 – Making plans

So today’s task was to come up with descriptions that ascribe an animalistic quality to something that doesn’t breathe. I did that this morning, in the journal, in Finnish. I’m feeling a cold coming on and can’t be bothered to go and get the journal right now (it’s all the way in the kitchen, which is at least 5 metres away… you see my point).

So I decided to take this opportunity to give an update on some decisions I made concerning my writing.

I never believed when someone said one should set a deadline for writing or it wouldn’t get done. Now I do. This is one on a long list of things I’ve realised to be true before experiencing them. I shouldn’t even be surprised. In October I had a goal to reach every day, in November I did NaNoWriMo. Both of them worked really well. Maybe because I had a realistic expectation of the “finished” product.  In 2016 when I quit my job in March, I decided to have a draft ready in May. Possible, yes, but not quite realistic. At that point I wasn’t well enough, mentally, to get the draft done or know where the story needed to go.

I felt adrift for two days in the beginning of this year. Sure I did have this journalling project and my manuscript, but I had a whole year ahead of me. At some point there would be CampNaNo, and then another, and finally NaNoWrimo, but I had no specific timeline. And I have to say, I am closer to the end than the beginning in the draft. Saying: This year I will finish my novel, seemed so vague. But when I say: By the end of February I will finish this draft of the novel, it sounds way better.

So, unless there’s some sort of work-related surprise, I’m heading for finishing this draft by Feb 28th. And then I’ll edit it in March and do the story challenge. I will talk about that more later, but it’s something I did last year and I loved it.

To get to my goal, I set a target amount of 300 words per day on Novlr. I also pledged that on #WriteChain which is a Twitter project for writers forging a string of consecutive writing days. I like the latter more as there’s some kind of outward accountability involved.  Novlr just shows me a message that says, hey, you did it again.

I also signed up for a few other things, StoryCraft among them, that will possibly help me get to my goals and keep my focus on writing. Though that seems not to be the problem this year. I am very focused. I guess it’s that my mental health has improved so much that I can now take on bigger projects AND work and have a balanced existence. Which is pretty darn exciting!

Right. There’s the info blast. I’m now going to fall asleep and hopefully not wake up in a fever tomorrow. G’night!


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