Maiju’s Teacup 2.1.2018 – Graphology

So today’s assignment was to write a character sketch based on a handwriting sample. My thought at first: what handwriting sample? Well, I had the idea of, not just googling random handwriting, but digging out some old letters and picking one at random.


The letter is from an old high school friend of mine whom I’ve lost touch with and I was afraid the result would be somewhat affected by knowing the person who wrote the text. But it’s really not.

I wasn’t really sure how to go about this but once I started, it sort of got away from me. So here goes.


She didn’t need a ruler, the lines kept straight all by themselves. But sometimes a letter would appear on the page in it’s mirror image. When she was young she had been left-handed and would have remained so but for her own stubbornness. Everyone said it was OK to use her left hand, but she saw how her brother was writing, effortlessly, without smudging the words with a dragging hand, and decided she would learn to do the same. Margins appeared in her text with the same preciseness.

She always checked what was appropriate to wear for both the occasion and the weather, always taking both into account so diligently that it never showed what effort it took her. She had stopped caring what other people thought about her a long time ago, but the image that she aspired to was imprinted from some strange combination of other people’s expectations that she had experienced as a child. She had craved for someone to set her boundaries, to tell her how to be because she felt like her own opinions on the matter would be inherently wrong whatever they were.


And now I need to leave for work 🙂 but I can definitely use this for something later!


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