Maiju’s Teacup 1.1.2018 – 365 Thoughts on Writing


This is my first cup of tea of the year, Darjeeling First Flush, and my new journal.

I’ve been a bit lazy with this blog lately, mainly because of being so busy at work and tired after work and trying to write or make Yule presents whenever I have time. Well, now I have time. I just have three shifts left at work and then I have no idea yet what I’m up to. The job was a temporary contract and no one’s talked about continuing it even though I made it clear I would be interested in that. I was a Christmas rush help and it seems like they aren’t going to need me, at least immediately.

My friend Amber just gave me the brilliant idea of using one of my Yule presents for not only to spice up my blog but to write and share more about my experience as a writer. My brother or his fiancee found me this wonderful Q&A a day for writers -jounal. It’s a year’s worth of questions about writing. I’m only on the first page and don’t want to peek ahead, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be good.

I’m answering these questions every day and will try to share the question and my answer on the blog daily. Maybe on some days I won’t manage it, or will only take a photo of my answer but I’m going to try. (Famous last words.)

The question for the first day was: Why do you write? What does it do to you?

Writing is how I make sense of the world. The times I’ve been too lazy or depressed or tired to keep a diary are hazy to me now. I don’t know how I survived. Even when I’m trying to exorcise some bad thoughts or give myself props for doing something good, only writing will eventually do it for me. I’ve had some longstanding regrets and issues and while writing doesn’t solve them, writing them down turns a part of them solid and it’s stuck on the page and not in my mind anymore.

Writing fiction works in almost the same way. I recognise every quirk of my characters’ as some aspect of myself. Even the weather and the locations are significant for me. And when I learn something new about myself, I also learn something new about one of the stories I’m working on.

Writing is the only thing I feel like I know how to do. And I don’t mean that I think I’m brilliant at it, but it’s the thing I strive for and the thing that I defines me in my own mind. It’s a goal and a pursuit that I value.


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