Maiju’s Teacup 1/12/2017 – For the Love of George…

20171128_103746… Eliot.

I am in love with George Eliot. I don’t know if I mentioned this already.

I don’t know why it took me so long to read her work, but I suppose it’s just been one of those things I haven’t got round to. Until last March when the cat was sick and I read Middlemarch.

Admittedly I read it because there was a web series based on it starting (still going) and I wanted to read it before seeing the LIW. But it helped keep my mind off things and whiled away the hours between forcefeeding the cat.

I loved every word of that book and I’m glad I didn’t read it earlier, because I would have missed a lot of the political and societal stuff that it had if I’d read it for example 10 years ago.

Middlemarch was the only Eliot my library had in English so I had to wait until I could afford one of my own.

Every December (for the past 2 years at least) I’ve read a book as a sort of Yule calendar. I choose a book (a classic I haven’t yet got round to) and divide the pages by 24. In Finland we celebrate on Christmas Eve and lie about and relax for a few days after that. So I’m going to read 28 pages of Danied Deronda so I can finish the book as my first Yule present.

I’m following a podcast called Bonnets at Dawn which is about 19th Century literature by female authors (originally Austen vs. Brontë but they have branched out a bit… or a bit more). The people making and listening the podcast are among the nicest bunch of people. I’ve made many new friends and a frequent question on the podcast is to choose between Austen or Brontë. I’d have gone the Austen way before March, but now I’m an Evans girl through and through.

And I’ve only read one of her books!!! But it makes it even more special. I remember when I read Austen for the first time. I rushed through all the six main novels in a week or two. I never really warmed up to the Brontës, but apparently I’d been reading books by the wrong sister. But now I have George Eliot, and I have all the time in the world to read her books and enjoy every carefully chosen word, every jab at the patriarchy and prejudices against women, every layered meaning on those pages.

I feel like I’m cultivating a new and deep relationship that is just going to get better and deeper as I read more of her books and more about her life.

I’m going to have a Yule romance with George Eliot.

(If you want to follow my exploits into Daniel Deronda, I use the hashtag #MaYuleRead on Twitter and Instagram. If you want to take up the habit of a Yule Read, I’d love to hear about it!)

And in the cup above I have there Wild Pu’er, that just keeps getting more delicious the more I steep it and the older it gets.


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