Maiju’s Teacup 18/11/2017 – Two Jobs

So, if you are wondering, as you probably are (NOT), I have been too busy to keep up with the blog much of late.

I am flat out lying. Well, not really. I am busy now, I wasn’t a few days ago.

On Tuesday I started working at a part-time job. It’s an easy enough job so that I can save my mental energy to writing. Of course the first few shifts have been more draining as I need to learn to do the job. And also getting into the gist of being on a schedule. But today was my third day and I’m settling in quite well.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo as well. I actually started a new and very much altered and enhanced version of my novel about a month ago. The website I use for writing ( launched a new goals feature and after writing about 500 words per day for a couple of weeks, I raised it to 1000. And in the beginning of November I raised it to the NaNoWriMo goal. I’m now at 33K with NaNoWriMo, so a little ahead, which is good as I have room to manouver now that I have to work on some days.  My novel in its entirety just went past 49K.

So these are the things I do when I’m not at work: I think about writing. I think about my characters and I watch really stupid mindless films. The last part is just to get my mind to settle after all the excitement. I’m just about to go in search of a silly film, because I worked from 8am to 3pm and then took a small walk and wrote a thousand-odd words.

So if I’m not around as much as before, my apologies. I promise to make up for it next month.

I might even start writing silly job poetry as I did when I worked as a waiter… Hmm… I could publish them here… If I have time. One excellent thing about the job is that it’s very busy. So I can’t really get bored. Time flies and workdays, though rough, are also pretty soon over.

Anyway, have a good November and see you closer to Yule!




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