Maiju’s Teacup 5/4/2017


Today’s special for me because it’s my birthday. I actually don’t have any friends who share the birthday, so I have it all to myself.

I celebrated by eating a bit of  ice cream, opening the present my mum gave me (a teapot, surprise surprise) and shopping a bit. I got myself this organic sencha from the local tea shop. It’s really the only place around that has a wide selection of loose-leaf teas, sold by the gram. But now the place has recently changed owners and I immediately noticed, that the new owner is a coffee guy… I’m so sad about that.

The materials etc he uses for packaging are so much more suitable for coffee. The place sells coffee beans as well and there’s a small teacorner, where the old owners served delicious tea, steeped to perfection at a fraction of a price from anywhere else. And this guy has changed it into a coffee bar… I’m sad.

Well, I must rally. I also got some lavender essential oil. The horrible eczema I have in my hands has been acting up lately. I added a few drops of the lavender oil into coconut oil and after half an hour, my hands were better. It’s just something totally amazing. I went to dermatologists for years (my hands occasionally turn into pustule filled sausages and then into raw meat and then back again) and no one could find any reason, nor any solution. It just went away when it went away. Until I tried a bit of lavender water on them.

My cat is well again. She’s been really active and playful and eager for the last few days after I stopped giving her medicine. That has made me very happy.

I’m beginning to be so tired I can’t form sentences. Well… Time to go to bed and read some Middlemarch.

Here’s my birthday “cake” (it’s oat ice cream) and the new teapot.



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