Maiju’s Teacup 17/3/2017

It’s more like the whole pot today. What else would one do on St. Patrick’s Day than wear green, drink tea and listen to Irish trad music? (Oh, Guinness. Right.)

Happy St. Paddy’s Day everyone! 

The tea is TeaWitty’s Natural Glowing Tea. While I hope I will not actually find myself glowing in the dark tonight, the tea is delicious! Last summer I put a teaspoon of the stuff every night in my water bottle and by morning I had delicious cold steep tea (is there a word for that, I wonder?).

Today I’ll be continuing the next novel, which does not have a title,  not unlike the first one. Or the first one has a “Anne of Green Gables” type working title. I really need to get on that.

Tonight I’m heading to the opening event of Vaasa LittFest. I know, not as impressive as those friends who are enjoying London Book Fair but it’s the most literary event this town has. The years I’ve made it there, it’s been excellent. 

This year I hope to badger my author friends about sending their first novels to publishers. Because I should but I’m scared shitless, to put it nicely… 


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