Maiju’s Teacup 16/3/2017


This morning the tea of my choice is TeaWitty’s Sri Lanka Ceylon. Despite the redundancy in the name, the tea is good, strong and oversteeped, just like I like it this morning. The cup is a continuation of my face, like it actually is.

Stayed up late last night to read a book. And had to stay up late because I wrote until after 11pm. I started the second novel that suddenly rose from the first novel. It feels like flying again. I keep stumbling on piles of planks but it just speeds me up, not slows me down.

It seems like Spring is finally here. I thought I jinxed it by throwing away my green bedsheets last Autumn. They were in shreds. But I chose a green toothbrush for my next one this morning and I think it’ll do. I do have black bedsheets, but I’d really rather have a warm, green spring than a cold and bare one.

Now my fingers are warmed up and the caffeine is coursing in my veins, I’m heading back to Novlr and start working.


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