Maiju’s Teacup 13/3/2017

Tonight I steeped myself a cup of TeaWitty’s nightime tea. I found a perfect cup that I’d totally forgotten into my cupboard. It’s from a little tea shop in Cork and it has a lid so it keeps warm while I write.

My cat has been sick since last Wednesday. She has a severe case of constipation and I’ve had to feed her and keep her hydrated with a syringe. She’s been sleeping on my bed, hogging the most of it. I don’t mind. I’m so glad she’s feeling a lot better today. She moved from the bed to the armchair and has been eating voluntarily. It was nice to sleep next to her, though.

For  the past three nights I’ve been waking every few hours to give her water and one night I couldn’t sleep at all between 1 and 5 am. Luckily the book I’m reading,  George Eliot’s  Middlemarch is so good, it has kept me from having too much time to worry. I started the book  because a literary inspired web series based on it is starting in a few days (15th March – mid  March, haha).

 It’s my first Eliot and I really love the turn of her phrases. It’s like Jane Austen mixed with Elizabeth Gaskell. But not. It’s Eliot. I’m so glad I can look forward to reading the rest of her books too.

It also fits into my #PoePartyReads challenge in which I read a book by every author that was in the Poe Party web series. I think she’s the last I haven’t read before.


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