Inspired or exhausted?

Right, the 3rd edit is now finished. I got feedback from my dad yesterday of the 2nd edit and he had a few really good ideas. I can’t wait to get started on the 4th edit.

I honestly tried yesterday to switch off thinking about the story. I edited a bit in the morning and did some stylizing for my dad. Then I went to my mum’s for dinner and sauna. As I lay on the bench in the sauna, I found myself thinking about the story.

I thought about it when I watched the nature documentary that’s on the telly every Saturday. I thought about it in the grocery and while cycling home. Luckily, as I got home and got settled in front of the computer, my cat lay down on the printed version of the manuscript and stayed there the whole night. She really is a perfect furry little self-care tool. So we watched a bit of Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Solar System. I went to bed at ten.

This morning I woke up rested, with my head full of ideas for the next edit. I’m now looking at the pile of paper next to me. It’s the printout of the second edit and it’s now already obsolete. I feel sad, but also exhilarated.


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