Editing, Galentine’s day and Research-of-a-kind

The editing process has started. I’m lost already in revisions and revisions of revisions, but occasionally it hits me that I need to start looking for a publisher at some point.

There are lots of indie writers nowadays, but I write in Finnish and the audience is limited by the language to such a few people that I don’t think it works. Almost all the self-published authors in Finland either have their own publishing house or the books are available in bookshops by request. Well, my knowledge on this is a bit dated, but anyway, I want to send the text to a publisher. I would like to write more and it would just make things more easy if someone else took care of that… stuff. Yeah, I don’t even know what stuff that is.

Anyway. The idea of offering the book to a publisher isn’t as daunting as the process. I start getting short of breath and other mild symptoms of an anxiety attack when I even think about the cover letters etcetera. But I’ve decided to finish this one first edit and then sit down properly to read through all of that stuff about what kind of a letter in what format with what identifiers do I have to send to a certain place. Yeah, a lot of information.

Funny things have happened as I’ve been editing the text. For example, a character’s fate, for which, when I decided it way-back-when, I didn’t so much feel sorry, now felt really emotional. I guess it’s a good sign that at least the writer feels something for the character.

Today is Galentine’s Day, and because I have no money to go gallavanting with my gals, and no one’s really around anyway, I decided to spend the evening with the gals on my pages. A sort of indepth character thing or something.

I ended up crocheting. Yep. And don’t think it’s procrastinating. Oh no! I really don’t like crocheting. I’ve knit so much that I can read or do almost anything I want to while I knit even something more challenging, but I’ve never crocheted a lot. But one of my characters crochets all the time. And most of the protagonist’s clothes. So I decided to give it a try with an easy pattern.


Here’s the result in all it’s glory. Now my thumb and forefinger have started to get a bit tired and I am aware of the places of the calluses my character must have had. And also of what a mindbogglingly boring job it must have been for her to crochet all of those clothes. No wonder she’s a bit weird.

Yeah, so. There’s research and then there’s cute research.^


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