On the first day of NaNoWriMo my reluctant muse have to me…

1802 words.

I’ve been moving to a new flat and the worst dragging and lugging was on Monday and Tuesday. Miraculously I was able to scrounge together that word count yesterday. And if I made it yesterday  –  hosting my mum oohing and aahing over the new place, hanging curtains (the rooms are REALLY high, so it’s more like a quest than a task), packing stuff, then unpacking said stuff plus the earlier boxes and bags, cleaning the kitchen sink and stove (it was a disaster, emphasis on the word ‘was’), setting up a bookcase  –  I can make it today. 

Writing, at least, is something I can do sitting down. The soles of my feet are mush and my thighs ache. The first snow had fallen during the night and I’m currently huddled next to a teamug and staring out the window.

Wednesday, I will beat you!! Or at least survive you.


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