Mayu’s Teacup 23/10/16

I never did like rooibus,  but Tea Witty’s Honeybush tea reminds me of it a bit but isn’t so sweet. Honeybush tastes slightly smoky, which I usually hate but in this case makes the tea even more delicious. 

I craved for something lighter to read and found Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl waiting for me on the shelf.  Everyone has been raving about this book so I proceeded with care (I read Eleanor & Park a few years ago and did not enjoy it) for a couple of pages. Then the book sucked me in and 12 hours and 460 pages later I’m craving to get Carry On in my hands. As a fic writer and someone who’s had issues with anxiety, the main character is extremely easy to identify with. I loved the fix carrying through the story. 

Ok,  this turned into a book review. Excuse me.


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