Mayu’s Teacup 30/9/16

A cup of Tea Witty’s Green Chai that I got as a bonus when I wrote a review for their tea. The cup is from Indiska, and the book I’m reading tonight is by my friend Satu Grönroos. I went to the publishing party on Wednesday.  Now I have uninterrupted reading time,  which is a must as I couldn’t put her first book down at all. 


Mayu’s Teacup 23/9/16

Enjoying Novlr’s night mode with a cup of Queensland Black Tea from Nerada Valley, Australia by Tea Witty. I got this delicious infusion from the Tea Explorer subsciption this Spring and I love it! It has lemongrass, apple, licorice, ginger, ginseng, rosehip, pineapple, and lime in it and the combination makes for a delicious black tea without the tea part, which is why I can drink it at night. It’s really nice with or without milk.

Back to writing fiction.

Mayu’s Teacup 17/9/16

Morning cup of Tetley’s original black tea from a cup I got years ago from Indiska.

I always have to drag Tetley’s tea all the way from Britain or Ireland. 

Fact: in Finland tea bags include approx. 1-1,5 grams of tea while in Britain and Ireland the amount is usually 3 grams. So when in search of a handy strong morning tea teabag for days when I don’t have time to brew loose leaf, I will definitely not find one in Finland. 

Now some shops have started carrying Tetley here but it’s the weaker stuff they sell in Eastern Europe. 

Lecture over.

Oh, and the accompaniment here is a yummy spinach tomato omelette. 


I’ve gotten into some pretty bad habits this summer. I’m reading too much and watching bad films and tv series too much, and I’ve taken to eating almost anything I like, as much as I like. I’ve been letting myself stop doing some very healthy and productive things.

So today I looked for an app for my tablet which will get me back to:

-drinking lots of water


-reading about writing/writers

-writing regularly

-keeping up with my journal

-cleaning and tidying up

-eating healthy food.

So no pressure, poor app. I actually downloaded three and compared them, and an app called Fabulous seems to be the one for me.

I think I’ve written about this before, but here it is again:

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”

I don’t know if this is my motto, because isn’t that something you consistently live by (?), but I know this is the truth. Ok, often when I try to make something happen, it goes horribly or embarrasingly wrong, but at least I tried.

This Autumn I’m setting myself a self-improvement plan, and I will not be embarrassed to try it. I want to get back to some good habits I used to have and establish a few new ones. I’m glad the new app started with challenging me to drink water after I wake up tomorrow. That simple, one step.

Mostly I want to get rid of the habit of giving up good habits.