Do not read this

I’m struggling today with how to get out of this haze of annoyance that’s hovering around me. It started already in the morning. I was annoyed that it was raining really hard, so I couldn’t go for a jog. I was annoyed how my mother got up and came to the kitchen as well even though I always give her the space if she wakes up first. I was annoyed at the book I’m reading for not being as good as I thought it would be. I was annoyed at my omelet which turned out both watery and stuck to the pan.

At this point I decided to walk to the library, because it’s impossible to write anything at mum’s (I’m staying there until tomorrow only, luckily). On the way to the library I got more and more anxious at all the drivers around me. It is raining and the local driving style does not take the pedestrians into consideration. I even got annoyed at a school bus which tried to give me way, because the driver stopped so that the only way for me to cross would have been through a huge puddle. I also got more annoyed at the whiffs of cigarette smoke I smelled on the way. And people on scooters shooting black smoke into the air.

I’m not even sure if I’m going anywhere with this blog entry. I guess it’s just to exorcise the angst and annoyance. So yeah. Don’t bother reading this. And if you did. Sorry.





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