Sleepless in the Dark

I’m not sure why sleep is avoiding me tonight.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been sick with the flu since last Sunday and done nothing but lie in bed, watching web series and catching up on TV series. Maybe. Or maybe it’s the razor sharp, dry air in my bedroom that attacks my poor long-suffering nostrils. Seriously, I had to move to the living room, next to the balcony door, to catch the breeze of slightly damper night air. Not quite sure if it’s good for my flu.

For some reason my head is buzzing with ideas. After the dry spell, both in air and writing, caused by the flu, it feels like everything’s coming to the surface at the same time. Ideas for continuing my last November’s NaNoWriMo novel, ideas for other writings, ideas even for a web series alter-ego that I’ve been working on silently.

I also had the bright idea of digging through my dad’s cupboards in search of his systems camera. I found it and several lenses, but alas, no film. I have to make a trip to town in the morning to get me some film. It’s been a long time since I used a film camera and longer since I used a systems film camera, but it’ll be interesting!

I made a pot of my nighty-night tea and am trying to catch some of the dregs of the dream sand that must be found somewhere. After all, I meant to hoover last Sunday, but couldn’t so there’s the snow sands of two weeks around here somewhere.

I’m also experiencing wanderlust. I’m perfectly aware that I really don’t have money to travel much right now, but the knowledge doesn’t prevent me from wanting to. Maybe, if possible, I’ll make a longer trip in the Autumn, if everything falls into place. I hope it does.

Alright. I’m going to try sleeping now. I wrote this entry so that I wouldn’t start writing fiction at this time of night and suddenly realise it’s morning…

It’s one of the last dark nights of the Spring. Next week this time the night sky won’t be black and will only get lighter. So, to the last dark night before August.




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