Silent hum

I’m staying at my mum’s until Monday. Then my dad leaves for two months to go to Lapland to our cabin there and I can move into his flat.

I love my mum. She is wonderful. And she feeds me and takes care of my cat. She also has no idea how to behave around writing people. I’m starting to understand why my dad used to have a separate space across town to go writing in every Tuesday after work.  My mum listens to the radio. She talks to the cat and talks to herself, and what’s worst, talks to me, while I’m working.

I’m not saying that writing requires absolute silence. Some people like to write in cafes and I have to admit I’ve tried that as well. But the main thing is that you get to choose the background yourself. In a cafe anyone very rarely comes and directly interrupts you. In a cafe someone very rarely demands attention to know whether you want soup or salad for dinner. Or inquires why on earth you drink so much tea, as she passes. The last one just to say something.

I’ve come across this before. Writing in someone’s company. It’s very tricky if the someone doesn’t realise that the interruption is not ‘just a small thing’. It only takes you a second to reply or divert your attention to something else, but it takes me a whole lot longer to get back into the world where I was before the interruption.

I realise that my situation is an ideal one. Living alone (if you don’t count the cat – and you should always count the cat) I get to choose when to write and when to procrastinate. I don’t have kids or a spouse to demand attention. Many successful authors have survived these things and still managed to spout bestsellers. But I love my life as it is.

I’m just reaaally looking forward to Monday.




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