It’s 3am, but I’m awake and decided to drop a line or two because my sleep ran away for a moment.

So things have proceeded in my current life change, rapidly, as they usually do at this point. Except that my last day in my current job will be the end of March. Or, well, the information and decision part of my life change happened in a day and  another,  but now I’m at the Pending part, where the new website is downloading…. downloading….. downloading. … or maybe an old style modem is trying to connect my life back to the network.

I took a week off work to come help in my friend’s move and scout out my dad’s flat where I’ll be staying for the spring and summer. I also met with my brother who arranged for a warm storage for most of my stuff that I can’t take to my dad’s  (a lot of books), and we figured out a project for me for the summer, where can self-employ and earn a few euros.

The move has kept me pretty busy, but there are a lot of times, like now, in the middle of the night, when I’m itching to get home to start my own packing and sorting through the stuff that goes to charity.

And writing keeps my mind busy as well. My 90 days schedule has delayed only by a day and that was because I was at my friend’s for 10 hours that day and only had energy enough after to pour half a bottle of wine down my throat and then go directly to sleep.

Write about what you know, right? I think the reason the manuscript is progressing so well is that I’m again at a place in my life where I can identify with the main character. The main character finds herself in a similar situation to mine, having drifted by chance and not by her own influence into a life of inaction. Her case is a BIT different, having been kidnapped as a baby by a cat, but I feel like I’m both the writer and the audience, who find that, reading a certain book at different times of their life, you get a new aspect out of it.

So a catharsis sounds a rather dramatic name for the blog post.  Maybe it should be: Extremely Slow Detox…. But I’m keeping the title for dramatic effect.

I feel the sleep returning…

Good Night and Love,



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