I’m considering quitting my current job. Actually my employer offered it as one of my two options.

The first option is to continue in the current job, but go into more specific training for it on a field I have absolutely no passion for. The second is to get 5 months salary and take the leap into uncertainty.

I’m going with the second option. Yes,  I know finding a new job is not easy, and I know it will throw new challenges in my way. But frankly, I prefer the challenges and uncertainty to the current job’s challenges and steady pay. I must be mad.

In fact my whole family must be mad. Excepting my brother who would enjoy my line of work himself and considers me insane. My dad AND, miraculously enough, my mum were all for it. Both because they think my reasoning is valid, but especially my mum because I’ll be moving back to my home town.

So yes. I’m impatient to get to work tomorrow to talk to my supervisor and cannot sleep,  which sucks, because the time would pass quicker asleep.


In other news, I’ve started to actually write my novel. I mean, I’ve written it in piecemeal wit bits still missing but now I started following this 90-day programme to plan and structure and write it and it’s already been a lot of help. I’m in day 10 and I’m already the wiser about a lot of the stuff that was unclear before.

The 90-day programme is designed more in mind of someone who only has an idea or a character in mind and I’ve already got 17 chapters written of my novel, so I’m improvising and adapting it as I go along.

OK,  I finally feel a bit sleepy.

G’night and love,



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