Pacing myself for NaNoWriMo

So it’s  9.35 pm on the last day of October and tomorrow I will start writing my very first novel in English. Also my first ever time taking part in the National Novel Writing Month (though they really should call it International, because that’s what it actually is… InNoWriMo).

When I set up my profile on the NaNoWriMo site, I read about all sorts of events and write-ins and was excited. Well, the closest one to me is about 500km away… I was disappointed at first, and thought about arranging something myself, but then I got real.

If I’m really going to write this novel, I will have to concentrate on the text. And though I might miss out on creating a writing community, I think at this point my goal is just to get to those 50 000+ words ( i added the plus sign because I’m rather prolific with words and doubt I’ll be able to tell the story I plan to with only that amount…).

So I will set my main goal as writing. Just going with the text where it is taking me.

Another thing I realised is that this is going to take quite a lot out of me. I’m an intensive writer and when I get going, I will stop for almost  nothing. I might be cold, I might be hungry, I might need to pee, but if I have a thread of story in my mind, in my fingers, I will pull it until I’ve unravelled all I can.

So I’m not going to stay up until midnight and start writing the story at the stroke of November. I’m going to go to bed soon, listen to some peaceful Stephen Fry (reading Harry Potter ) and wake up refreshed in the morning.

I know my writing habits and I’m usually at my best in the morning.

However. I am going to make a few decisions, just to make myself break the mold.

  1. i will go outside and write (unless of course it’s too cold for it, believe me, ballpoint pen ink runs thick surprisingly quickly).
  2. I will go inside and write. And by inside I mean the library or a cafe.
  3. I will exercise every day. Be it a walk or a trip to the gym, I know it’s good for my writing.

So, I think three things plus the goal of writing a novel are enough for one month.

If you are taking part, you can find me on the NaNoWriMo site also by the name Mayusteapot.




NaNoWriMo consideration and habits

So,  after years of considering it and always remembering that it’s November too late, I’ve finally signed up for NaNoWriMo this  year. One thing concerns me though: NaNoWriMo is against one of my basic habits.

And actually it’s a good habit which I’ve had for years now. It basically boils down to: why do tomorrow what you can do today.

I’ve tried to uphold this especially with writing. And it just works for me. Why wait until NewYear or some specific moment to start doing something? No time is better than the present because when something new occurs to me, it’s usually the optimal time to do something about it.

So I’m trying to find a new angle to this and luckily the NaNoWriMo site directly offers it to me. I am going to think of this as an event! One that starts at a specific time. And I can use time leading up to it to prep.

Which is actually an amazingly good thing! I usually research things for my texts while I’m writing them, but this time, I’m going to do some of it beforehand and see where it leads me.

All of this consideration has actually helped me to decide on what to write as well. I’ve had this idea for a while and I think I’m finally ready to put it into words! I’m going to write in English, which is new. Or well, I write a lot in English but I haven’t written any longer texts.

Also, a friend offered to read my texts lately and I’m going to take her up on her offer (poor Esther, she’s got no idea what she’s got herself into 😉).

So look out world, by you’re not going to see me in November!



P.S. I’m probably going to be posting a lot of desperation during November, so…