Strangely exhilarated and exhausted

So, I can’t remember if I already mentioned that I started to go to a gym. I think I might.

Anyway, I’ve been going for almost two weeks now. Not everyday, but mostly after work, since it is in my office building.

The strangest thing has happened. I’ve become somewhat addicted to the exercise. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love yoga(when I have a proper studio to do it properly) and I love jogging. Both of those have got me into pleasant state of flow, but I always attributed some of it to the environment,  the clean, airy space for yoga and nature for jogging. But apparently a lot of it is just the exercise.

My gym is not a sight for sore eyes. I mean, first of all, the cross trainer is directly three floors below my desk at work  and when I look out the window I see the same stretch of highway from a slightly different angle. I also always bring my own  music because the stuff they play there from the radio is pure shite. The walls are white,  the floors pale gray, nothing to distract  or please the eye. But still, on days I haven’t been to the gym, I miss it.

One factor might be the quiet feeling of victory when pulling on my old jeans in the morning and feeling that they are getting looser and looser. I still don’t actually feel comfortable in the gym space. It feels like somewhere that’s definitely  not been designed with me in mind. But in fact, it partly is, since I am using it.

One of the reasons the positive feelings I get from  the gym are so important to me is that yesterday was the Autumn equinox. It means that days are starting to get shorter than nights here. A lot shorter, and quickly. Although I don’t live above the Arctic circle, it’s only 100km to the north from here. That means that daylight usually lasts those hours I’m at work.  So soon I will be waking in  the dark and when I get home, it’ll be dark again. No vitamin D for me!

I felt so exhausted today when I realised that the dark times were coming again. Literally. But maybe this gym thing helps a bit.




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