This is my chest of treasures. It used to be my grandmother’s  dowry chest, but now it’s full of paper written in my handwriting.  There is a layer of my first fiction, written in red ink on white paper, there are old calendars from the years I used to fill them in more detail (and write stories on the back pages), and then there are my diaries.

I got my first diary for my 7th birthday in April 1990. The edges of the pages were gilded and the paper was pink and you could tie it shut with satin ribbons. It has my first scrawly entries, articles of my favourite  ski jumper (I’m Finnish after all) and the autograph of my favourite singer from those days  (a Finnish tango queen).

My diaries have often included far more than just updates on my life and my thoughts. On a memorable Spring afternoon in 1995 I sat in front of the telly and started marking down what happened in an ice hockey game my dad was watching. Finland ended up winning thw World Cup in that game for the first time ever.

I guess writing has always been away for me to pass time. I like spending time by myself and though I talk to my cat, I’ve never been one to talk aloud to myself – excluding dramatic situations. I do talk to my cat all the time. But diaries have always been there to clear my mind.

I just ended a diary last week and started a new one the next day. I would never bore anyone with my diaries, but here online in blog form I have found another outlet to my ramlings. To those which bear the light of day.

Lately another good reason for writing has been to egg me on with my novel project. Would someone actually get hold of my diaries at some point and have the patience to read them, they’d probably assume that the novel characters are actual people in my life. I find it refreshing to complain to my diary on how they refuse to grow up or do what I want.

I’ve always just loved the act of putting pen on paper and moving it across the page to make words and thoughts appear. Which sucks when you are trying to write a novel. Typing up everything afterwards is a lot of work. Blogging is one of my tries to get myself into a typing frame of mind. It hasn’t  yet worked…

Excuse me, I’ve got some things to report to my diary right now, so catch you later!




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