I’m sitting on a train, heading to my mum’s  to pick up my cat. As you can see,  the weather is awesome and it would be nice to get to spend the day outside, not sitting on the train. After very autumny weather we are back to summer for a few days.

I remember being afraid of train travel  when  I was a kid. I used to visit my cousins several times every summer in a town in the South West of Finland  and I always took the bus, even though I still needed to switch buses sometimes midway. I’ve always been  bit timid about uncertain things. Like on the bus, the driver was there,  you could ask for anything straight from him (I don’t remember a single female driver on those trips ). But trains were big and scheduled and much more impersonal.

After high school I spent a year on the Eastern border of Finland, 15km from the Russian border. During that time I learned to love train travel. At least off-peak train travel. Switching trains can still be stressful  but nowadays more if I have too much time between the trains. It is so totally annoying to be sitting at a station for a longer time than the rest of the journey would take.

It’s lucky I like trains because it’s really the only option for me travelling with a cat. Bus companies won’t accept pets, but trains in Finland always have an animal car. Last time I  traveled to Vaasa there was a kakatu on the train. It kept screaming occasionally but the people were more surprised by it than the animals.

I’m sitting on the second floor of a train car just now and passing yellow autumn fields with the familiar red and white houses and bales of plastic -wrapped winter hay. T

I’ve always loved staring at lit windows in dark most. There are so many stories in the world and at least some of them are going on behind those curtains. The world can never be boring when  there are so many potential paths everywhere. Every car is going somewhere,  every person  on this train has a destination or a place they are returning.

I wonder if I’m going to a destination or if I’m returning. I’ve been living in my current town for three years now,  but I still think of the town my parents live I  as my home town.

This is a subject that requires a new blog entry with a more certain Internet connection.




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