A better day?

I just returned from work. I had a meeting with my supervisor today  and he told me there are going to be some changes at group level and I’m going to have a new supervisor.

I’m also planning on some changes. I signed up for a gym membership today. There is a new gym that’s been opened to the same building I work at and I’ve been  reluctant to sign up for it even though it’s really cheap. But since I’ll be working  8nly 4,5hrs/day for the rest of the year, I might as well get some benefit from it.

I love running,  but I’m a bit lazy to go on a run. It requires a clothing change and some level of inspiration.  Also the weather is often something I use as an excuse to be lazy.. Especially in the winter. And autumn. But my plan is to go to the gym on most days after work and work out for an hour. I hope I’ll stick to that.

I’ve been gaining weight since last summer partly because avoiding public places, partly because of laziness and partly because of my medication. I’ve gone from size 38-40 to size 44-46 in a year. I’m really not too bothered about the weigh gained,  only I have a lot of clothes that won’t fit me anymore. So I’m targeting a smaller clothes size and not having to get bigger clothes.

Also, since I passed size 42, there really are not so many clothes available.  I mean really. I guess in my case this is a good motivator…

Another  change.  I’m going to write every day. Starting from today. I always hated new year’s resolutions,  because why wouldn’t you start something immediately? Why would you wait?

OK,  I’m rambling and will stop now to go for a run. (See, progress already).




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