Ooh, that sounded dramatic as a post title but I really cannot think anything more suitable to call tonight’s subject matter.

I live in Finland and the thing most foreigners aren’t quite aware of about Finland is the amount of light and how it affects people.

This is a current issue, because just last weekend we had our first truly dark night since May.


This is a photo I took only a couple of weeks ago at the darkest moment of the night. It looks much darker than it actually was.

The sun does go down where I live, every night, even at Midsummer,  but it just slides a little under the horizon so that the sky remains clear blue.

So now, from the end of August to mid October it’s going to be nice and almost balanced. After the Autumn Equinox the nights will keep getting longer than the days and I will wish I could stuff myself with berries and sleep until the Spring like a bear.

I do take additional vitamin D and use a wake up light and a bright light, but there’s no cure for darkness. The most unbearable time is from the beginning of November till Yule. There’s only a little light during the days and if I work a normal day shift, I won’t see any of it.

Around Yuletide we usually get some snow which makes everything more light again.

Every year I worry about yhe darkness. It’s sometimes so overwhelmingly exhausting.

Well, there’s still time to enjoy the Autumn light. The first leaves have turned yellow.




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