Buried in books

I have been rather. Lately.

I mean, maybe I should ask for a Viking burial when I die and that all my books will be burned on the boat with me. Except:

1) Under no circumstances do I encourage or approve of burning (or otherwise harming) books

2) The boat would sink before half the books were on it…

Real talk. How many books have you bought during the past 7 days?

The correct and exact number for me is 13. Thirteen. Yes, I have walked to town three times during the last 7 days and once I only made it to library, which means I didn’t have to pay for the books I carried home.  Of course I’m including here the 5 books I ordered online, one of which is a birthday present to a friend.

If you read this, I would like your opinion. Do you think I have a problem? Because I don’t. But the first step to recovery is supposed to be recognising the problem.

And I don’t always buy so many books. Sometimes I buy only a couple a month.

Anyway. Going to get back to reading. Catch you later!




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