A new blog! Another one?

Yes, I am going to start yet another blog.

Why? I hear you (not) ask.

Well. I have dedicated one of my blogs Mayus Nook to web series. And the other one, the one in Finnish, Hyvä lukija, to reading and books. Oh, and there’s a third one, the one that rarely gets updated because I still write fiction by hand and rarely bother to type it up (except my novel scripts of course) Just a Few Words in a Strange Language. It has some short stories in English and I hope I will add some poems or songs at some point.

I found that, after all this, it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman in possession of a good WiFi, must be in want of a blog of general randomness.

You might notice from the tagline, that I am a lover of music, a drinker of tea (and actually, love wine as well), a writing person and a reader and a knitter.

In this blog I hope to write all about this other stuff, including also the stuff I write at the other three blogs, but maybe more generally.

The Netiverse and you, my honourable reader, deserve to know for example, that the next thing I am going to do is start crocheting Atuin, the Great Sky Turtle! The pattern is by Heidi Bears and can be purchased here. I am probably going to watch The Flash or Arrow while crocheting, but might just put on some web series from YouTube which I want to rewatch.

So welcome abroad, if you are interested in following my journeyings. Will write more when the mood strikes ❤




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